In a sport where victory is defined by the smallest margin, aerodynamics can be the difference between getting to the finish line first or second. Aerodynamics has long been understood to be one of the key factors in performance in cycling with a majority of this made up from your frontal surface area.

Here at the Triathlon Hub we use the Bioracer Aero System to measure your frontal area. From this we are able to make changes to your position on the bike to reduce the size of the riders frontal area. Through out the 2-3 hour session, we will look at moving your position by adjusting handlebar, seat height and saddle position to lower your frontal surface area whilst maintaining power output, allowing you to ride at the same intensity but with less drag, giving a faster speed.

To put this into numbers reducing the size your frontal area by 0.05m² for 10 seconds during a 40km race (at 40km/h) will make you go 1 second faster. Using this system, this is a feat that is easily achievable making you faster!