Sports Massage


A sports massage is typically a combination of several techniques tailored to your affected muscle groups based on the Sport that you do. A properly administered sports massage can help flush the lactic acid out of your body. If you have a race coming up or your deep in a training block you will have a lighter massage. But, if you are in between events and have specific issues, your sessions can focus on deep-tissue massages in problem areas.


Post-Race Recovery
Massage can help Speed up the healing and recovery process after an intense race by flushing waste fluids such as lactic acid from the muscles.
Injury Prevention
Many sporting injuries occur through overusing certain muscles. This can result in soreness, pain and inflammation. Regularly scheduled sports massages can help reduce the likelihood of the muscles becoming overused, and help reduce the initial inflammation that leads to injury. Massage is most effective at treating soft-tissues injuries such as strains, sprains and stress injuries commonly found in sport.


On average, an athlete should get one massage per week or a minimum of one per month. That may seem extreme but massages make a massive difference in helping prevent injury.
People respond in different ways to a massage so it may be beneficial to try one at different times in your training schedule to determine what is right for you. However, the majority of people will favour the post-race/post-long workout time more. However massages can also take place before races or key sessions. Pre-race massage will stimulate your muscles whereas the post-race massage is more of a cool-down/recovery massage.

Pain Reduction

Massage has been known to reduce pain from recovering injuries or tight muscle areas. Massage promotes proper healing of scar tissues and can provide a soothing effect on injured areas.